Ewen Chia Review

Learn Affiliate Marketing In A Day

Hi everyone! It’s me Ewen Chia and I have been rather quiet recently but I have some great and exciting news!

Learn Affiliate Marketing In A Day

I have just released a course on Udemy called Learn Affiliate Marketing In A Day. Because it’s a brand new product that I am launching, I am going to make 100 coupons available to get the course at $100 off. In this course you will get complete coaching where you can learn how you can start an affiliate marketing business from scratch, and you don’t need to have any prior experience or technical knowledge to do this.

This is a really good opportunity to get tremendous value and at a great deal. Remember, I only have 100 coupons available so don’t delay! Also if you have learnt a lot from my other courses such as Copy Paste Income, then you certainly should not miss out on this great bargain.

As an added bonus, you can even make money from promoting this course by joining Udemy’s affiliate program here. You will get 50% commission, so you really just need 2 sales to get back your investment.

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Ewen Chia Review

Copy Paste Income Review

World’s Number 1 Super Affiliate Ewen Chia has released a new product called Copy Paste Income. It is a training and coaching course that teaches you how to make money online from monetized viral ebooks. The principles that he teaches are evergreen, so you can still apply them.

Copy Paste Income Review And Overview

If you are a complete newbie and you do not know how to create a website, then this product will certainly be of use to you. That’s because you can implement the system that is taught without a website. That means you have no worries about having to create a website from scratch.

Copy Paste Income review

As soon as you get into the members’ area, I recommend you start with the Copy Paste Income complete coaching. Ewen Chia has recorded close to 3 hours of coaching. We surveyed a bunch of people and most of them gave positive feedback about the coaching, stating that it was clear and concise. Only a few people commented that the pace of the coaching went a little too fast for their comfort. They were in turn advised to take the coaching at whatever pace they felt comfortable with. After all, this is a marathon, not a sprint.

Copy Paste Income coaching

The training in Copy Paste Income is pretty unique. You will hardly find any trainer who will walk you through the process and even show you what he’s doing. Ewen Chia does just that and that is a huge plus point.

After following the coaching, you have the option of creating your own viral ebook or using whatever Ewen Chia and his team have provided. For the latter, you simply rebrand them with your own ClickBank ID, and after that you’re good to go. If you wish to create your own ebook from scratch, Ewen provides you with great tools to help you out with that. Either way, he’s got you covered.

In Copy Paste Income, Ewen Chia goes through some ways you can generate traffic to your viral ebook. These methods are effective and you should certainly follow them. If you want more traffic strategies, you have the option of investing in the one-time offer, which is an additional traffic course to supplement the coaching that you receive in the Copy Paste Income program.

Toward the end of the coaching, Ewen provides an advanced strategy to take your business to another level, allowing you to scale up your business and make bigger commissions. That is a great strategy by the way.

I hope you have benefited from this honest Copy Paste Income review.

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Ewen Chia Review

Online Marketing Secrets By Ewen Chia – How To Make Real Income Online

Welcome! The following is an adaptation from Ewen Chia’s Online Marketing Secrets. Ewen Chia is known as the World’s Number 1 Super Affiliate. I hope you enjoy his materials and resources.

If you have the time, check out this coaching video that Ewen Chia conducted.

Online Marketing Secrets #1

I am going to write from a series titled “Online Marketing Secrets” where I’ll share with you some of the key secrets I have discovered throughout my years marketing online. These will all be based on strong evergreen marketing principles and they will continue to work for you years and years ahead after you first read them here!Ewen Chia speaking at a coaching seminar

We’re not going in any particular order for the moment. This message is more for people who are already started than someone who is 100% brand new to internet marketing, but newbies will want to read it over, too.

Secret Number One is:

More Traffic Isn’t Always the Answer.

You’ve probably thought of this before. “If I could only get x number of people to my site in y amount of time, then I’d make z amount of money”. There’s something missing from this equation though.

That missing element is the conversion rate. This simply refers to the percentage of people who take the action you want them to take when they come to your site. In this case, we’re talking about making sales.

The reason more traffic isn’t always the answer is because not all traffic will convert to sales for your site. What you want is one of two things – a way to get more targeted traffic to your site, or a way to get more of the traffic you get to convert to sales.

More targeted traffic is easy enough to get if you’re ready to do the work involved, or prepared to pay for it. You can write articles, send press releases, have webinars, improve the way your site is set up for search engines, make sound joint ventures, or buy facebook traffic.

How to get the traffic that shows up to buy what you have at your site at a predictable rate is, however, a completely different matter. You’ll have to start studying your site.

The easiest way is to make sure there’s only one action for him to take, like putting in his email address or clicking on the buy button and making a purchase. Of course, that isn’t practical for some types of websites, such as blogs or content-based internet properties. We’ll talk more about what actions you can take to fix this after the online marketing secrets series.

For now, just remember, fix the problem your site has converting – tweak and test everything until traffic begins to convert at a predictable rate. Then, and only then, should you throw immense amounts of traffic at your site in an effort to increase your income.

Ewen Chia continues with his second secret…

Online Marketing Secrets #2


Marketing matters as much, sometimes even more, than the quality of your product.

In a way it’s sad but true.

This is a central reason why some people are able to get away with selling okay products and making a fortune, while others can’t seem to make money even with the world’s greatest solution to a problem.

If you create something people want but don’t necessarily need, do great marketing, and have a fantastic sales letter, you’ll make more than if you created something of great value that has a lukewarm debut and an okay sales letter.

But make an incredible product that people are desperate for, do the best marketing job you can, and back it up with great copy, you can make a fortune.

Studies about online marketing dating back to 2001 support this theory:

People rationalize buying decisions based on facts, but people make buying decisions based on feelings.

That’s it in a nutshell. Appeal to both the brain and the emotions.

I strongly encourage you to check out the blog that Ewen Chia and his team have set up. It is at his Internet Millionaires blog.



Online Marketing Secrets #3

Repeat What Works!

Repeat visitors, repeat subscription payments, repeat sales, repeat customers… repeat that JV that went so well with a different offer… repeat your formula for that killer name squeeze page you had.

At the moment, I know that looks obvious. But think about your day to day life as an internet marketer. Don’t you have the tendency, when it comes to certain things, to chase something new instead of keeping a process that works?

There is always the time to innovate, and of course, you should always be testing new methods of getting clients, building a targeted list, and marketing in general.

But once you have a site that is cranking out cash constantly, instead of changing that site, you can build one like it, target it towards another market and make the new one into your test bed.

Or maybe you have a product that used to sell like crazy, and now is not much of a producer a year later. Should you shut down the site, pull it off the market, buy some advertising?

Sure, all of those things might work and save you in the short run. You could also repeat the formula that made you money the last time with a new product line.

The next time your cash flow starts to dwindle, think – what did I neglect to repeat?



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